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What is Elementor Speed Optimization Managed Hosting Services?

Elementor is the leading page builder who most recently celebrated 3 million in made by installations. Yes, there are others, and it is a competitive niche market inside WordPress. However, Elementor is unique in how it was designed, and is, in our experience, the most performant page builder out there. Now we will be honest and say you can get better performance on a custom theme, but being able to visually build your site is an important ability. We understand that… We use it too and we LOVE IT!

So we say it is the most performant. Is that it, are you done making your site faster? Hardly…

Even a stock WordPress installation can get many optimizations to boost it. Since the average WordPress site causes its own loading time to be poop, there is nearly always something to improve.

We, as stated, use Elementor, and have for a while. Like you, we intend to keep on using it! We understand its quirks/nuances, and what it takes to make it faster.

How to improve Elementor PageSpeed

We have been doing the needed work to improve Elementor sites, starting with ours! We have even contributed back to the project in the process to try and improve its performance regarding how effectively it generates content and performs in your web browser. Here are just a few things that we have developed for our solution to improve things using known techniques that Google recommends:

  • CSS/JS Minify
  • Loading scripts non-blocking (defer render-blocking XYZ)
  • Image compression
  • WebP image optimization
  • Lazy Load
  • Critical CSS
  • CDN

Some advice also… We see a ton of places/people recommending X plugin as a magic solution for speed. Reality? Those plugins still need to be properly configured to even be effective! That’s disregarding the question of how well they do on a best-case situation. Every site is unique and not all sites run on the same kind of gasoline some use jet fuel. Every site has its own business AND technical challenges to overcome.

You cannot put something in your site for speed and get a perfect result without doing anything more. There are just way too many variables, and chances are while you will get a boost in speed, assuming the site doesn’t break, you generally will not get where you could and NEED to be!

Our team of performance architects and engineers are #AlwaysReady to ensure we can take advantage of any new features to help performance (like SVG icons) or to prevent issues with new findings.

So.. we talk a big game, eh? We get it, the proof is in results. Here is a screenshot of our site, using our speed optimization hosting (Yes!, we eat our own dog food!), on PSI (A.K.A. PageSpeed Insight), of which you can check for yourself!

PageSpeed Optimization Hosting

One last thing… Are you an agency? That’s cool, we would love to work with you and your clients as well. We will take over the whole speed problem that you don’t want to deal with and get your clients fast too! This includes our speed solution via our in house experts AND managed hosting services knows as Speed Optimization Hosting Services, so you don’t need to mess around with that, and you can get back to your core business.

Google is getting more strict on speed-related standards/requirements, which since its Google that’s ranking you and your clients, obviously has a business value and importance. here is some information about Speed Optimization from our friends at Google.

Using page speed in mobile search ranking 

We deal with keeping up with that, you keep your clients happy, everyone wins 🙂

Reach out to us and let’s work together to get your Elementor site(s) faster.

** We are fans of Elementor, but we do not have any affiliate or business relationship with them yet, looking forward for one!