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What is DonLolo Bulk Fax System?

DonLolo is our Bulk Fax System self-coded platform ready to deliver solutions for serious corporations, business owners or agencies interested in delivering their custom picture message(s) via facsimile efficiently to fax machine owners, usually business owners.

This solution is ready as another channel to deliver your messages. It will prove to be an excellent investment, and allow you to reach new clients who are interested in what your company has to offer.

Faxing has been and still is a staple in the business world for communications. Many see faxes as “old school,” but they are here to stay. They are known and accepted and exist in the same form from before the boom of the internet.  The past generation and current plus future generation understand what it is. They are using it when needed to transmit relevant documents safely and securely.

Based on that… why not use it as a form of advertising?

Our bulk fax service allows you to reach out to your prospects and leads affordably. You can offer your products and services or deliver any type of message you wish, to a broad audience in a short amount of time. We follow anti-spam policies like mailing lists. We will avoid sending to the same person too quickly, so they don’t get frustrated, and your message stays valuable.

Our commercial DonLolo bulk fax system is one of many solutions and a must-have in your arsenal of marketing distribution channels. This method is perfect for brands, products or companies wanting to promote their services to the business world! This system is one of many ROI focused solutions for busy and productive business owners looking to maximize marketing dollars with campaigns geared directly toward your target audience.

DonLolo is made to be an incredibly reliable faxing system for your business and is supported by our fax broadcast technology. It will help you deliver as many faxes as your business needs, and the best part is you don’t need any special equipment to purchase, no extra fax boards, no extra software! In fact, we guarantee no hassle in our sale, delivery and the execution of all orders. All you need to do to get started is to select a package below and have your credit card ready to complete your transaction!

DonLolo is our commercial enterprise solution for brands to efficiently distribute marketing messages or campaigns about their products and services locally or nationally. Our system is ready and available and is now part of our arsenal of self-coded tools we constructed with love with you and your business(es) in mind!

Choose Your DonLolo Bulk fax system Plan

All displayed pricing is based upon you providing your own compiled fax number list.


If you aren’t sure how to acquire your fax contact list, or just don’t have the time, and you need results delivered as soon as possible, we have the solution. This is how DonLolo always comes to the rescue.

We will assign you a Dedicated Project Manager who will research and compile your business fax numbers list. You can select any State, City or Zip Codes in Canada or United States that you will specifically select in your order form below. You can contact us here if you have any questions about your next fax project and starting the research process so we can work together to efficiently deliver your important message directly to your selected targeted zones.

Keep in mind, if you’d like us to do all of the hard work and research, don’t hesitate to ask! We will harvest only business numbers for a proper fax blast that puts your message directly in the hands of the audience of your choosing.

10,000 x Research Business Fax Numbers 

5,000 x  Research Business Fax numbers

1,000 x Research Business Fax Numbers

Robust & Dependable Bulk Fax Solutions For Corporations.

The Starter
¢6.9 Per Fax
  • 1,000 Deliveries
  • $3.00 Per Fax Number
  • No Set Up Fees
¢4.9 Per Fax
  • 10,000 Delivered
  • Set Date, Time & We Deliver
  • Dedicated Project Manager Assigned
  • No Set Up Fees
  • $3.00 Per Fax Number
Small Business Pro
¢5.9 Per Fax
  • 5,000 Deliveries
  • $3.00 Per Fax Number
  • No Set Up Fees

DonLolo Bulk Fax System is operational in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, All US Territories, Virgin Islands and all over the world!

Need More Than 10k? No Problem. Contact Us!